Sea Safari Cruises

It is what we bring and offer:

  • Our Passion: We are passionate to create a company that offers memorable experiences for our customers

  • Our Background: We will deliver this experience based on our past practical know-how of the market and business as a water sports company specialised in sea leisure activities and entertainment 

  • Our Diverse Programs: Provide leisure expeditions to all of the out-of-the-way islands to the best of Abu Dhabi waterscapes. From the very moment that you step aboard one of our vessels, you will know that you made the right decision by booking with us.

  • Our Pricing: With our initial market analysis on the existing completion, our pricing strategy is based on delivering a memorable experience yet in reach of any individual/family regardless of age and gender type.

A proud member of the Khalifa fund for enterprise development company, headquartered in the beautiful capital city of Abu Dhabi. The home to more than 200 natural islands.

Our Office Location

4th Street, Muroor Road

VLCC Building

Office 104

Phone: +971 (2) 641 6751


Abu Dhabi, UAE

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